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  I'm Watching You!!!
"The Misadventures of Santa Claus"


     Every year as Christmas approaches there are many questions asked about that jolly old man we have grown to know as “Santa Claus”.  Many parents are stuck as to what to answer when their children ask: “Is there really a Santa?” or “How does Santa know if I’ve been good or bad?”

** Is Santa Real? **

     It is only a short time until Christmas Eve and little Sally Skunk is very unhappy.  She wants desperately to believe in Santa, but her friends say that Santa isn't real.  While out walking she meets her good friend, Raccoon Charlie and he asks her what's wrong.  She asks him "Is Santa real?"
    Her reply troubles him because he doesn't like to see little ones sad, especially at Christmas time.  He sits with her and tells her a story that he was told as a little raccoon which will answer that very important question and put her doubts at rest.


     During the Christmas Season of 1997 Canada was faced with a major problem..a mail strike.  This led to many children asking “How will Santa get my letters if there isn’t any mail?”   "How was the problem solved by Santa and his friends?"

**When Santa's Mail Stopped **

    It was a cloudy gloomy day and as Raccoon Charlie went about his daily chores he heard a knock at his door.  He opened it and found his friends, Kiwi Kitty, Micky Mole and Chuky Cat who all had parcels and letters in their paws and very gloomy faces.
    As they sat down they informed Charlie that the mail had been stopped.  They wanted Percy Pelican to deliver their parcels and letters to make sure they arrived in time for Christmas.
    Charlie told them not to be so gloomy, that there was still time for the problem to be solved.  In the meantime he would tell them a story that he was told as a youngster  in the hopes of cheering his friends up.  It was what happened when the postal workers went on strike and Santa's mail stopped.


 Once Christmas is over Santa finally has a chance to relax, but during the time leading up to and including the Christmas Season he is the busiest person I’ve ever heard of.  What will happen if Santa ever loses his  “Christmas Spirit”?

** When Santa Disppeared **

    It was just before Christmas and Santa was just waking up from his long nap.  But something was wrong.  Despite the Christmas Carols and delicious smells of Christmas baking he didn't feel right.  He didn't have that special feeling he always has when he sets about his special Christmas tasks.
    What was wrong?  Why didn't he have his usual Christmas Spirit?  What did Santa do and how did he solve his problem?  Did he regain that special feeling that keeps him so happy?


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