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Ancestors from England to North America

Twelfth Generation

2904. Edmund Parsell was born 1570 in Horsley, Staffordshire, England. He died 1629 in Horsley, Staffordshire, England. Edmund married Maria Bathurst.

2905. Maria Bathurst was born about 1588 in Middlesex, England. She died Between 1599 & 1662 in England.


2906. Richard Brent was born about 1550. He married Mary Huggerford on 1572. [Parents]

2907. Mary Huggerford.


3644. Lyonell Chilton was born 1530 in Canterbury, Kent, Eng. He died 15 Feb 1582/1583 in Canterbury, Kent, Eng. Lyonell married Edith Isabell on 20 Sep 1555. [Parents]

3645. Edith Isabell was born 1533 in Canterbury, Kent, Eng.


3646. Francis Furner was born 1531 in Canterbury, Kent, Eng. He married Isabell.

3647. Isabell was born 1542 in Kent, England.


3648. William Cary was born 1500. He died 18 Mar 1572 and was buried 18 Mar 1572 in St. Nicholas Parish, Bristoll, Eng.. William married Elizabeth.


3649. Elizabeth.


3696. Henry Adams was born 1531 in Barton St. David, England. He died 1596 in Barton St. David, England. Henry married Rose. [Parents]

3697. Rose was born 1536 in England. She died 1598 in Barton St. David, England.


3704. Henry Graves was born 1536 in Stepney, Middlesex, Eng.. He died 1591 in Stepney, Middlesex, Eng.. Henry married Margaret.

3705. Margaret was born 1540 in Stepney, Middlesex, Eng.. She died 1571 in Stepney, Middlesex, Eng..


3706. William Malter was born 1553 in London, England.


3710. Robert Myles (Miles) was born 1554 in England. He married ??? Parnell.

3711. ??? Parnell was born 1553 in England.


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