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Ancestors from England to North America


2. William Renwick (Ren) Spence

"The Wrights of Bedeque..A Loyalist Family" Doris Haslan

7) James Renwick, called Ren; m. Lottie Trenholm

** Note: "Ren" has always been referred to as William Renwick...It has never really been
settled as to whether his name was James, William or both (SB Note)
** SB Note: In later info on the Specne family the infant that died was referred to as William. It is possible that when the Book "The Wrights of Bedeque" was written, that the two were confused and the infant was really James, not William.
When William and Lottie and their family travelled to the west (early 1900's) all contact with the relatives in the East was eventually lost and not regained until connection was made through the internet in 1997.
James Renwick Spence, called Ren was born in Spence Settlement, N. B. and died in Alberta. He married Lottie Trenholm. (Ren died in Ewings Landing, B. C. SB)

Ren and Lottie lived on the 175 acres given to him by his father. he sold the farm to his brother George C. Spence and moved to Alberta. The farm is now owned by Geroge’s Grandson, Kenneth Spence.

3. Charlotte Erena Trenholm

Following note e-mailed from Ian Paul of New Brunswick who is part of the "Trenholm and Anderson" descendanta:
-NB Archives show Charlotte E. Trenholm married William Spence on 11, Oct. 1885.
** Proof positive that "James Renwick Spence" was really William Renwick Spence. (SB)