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Ancestors from England to North America


4. James C Spence

"The Wrights of Bedeqaue..A Loyalist Family" Doris Haslan

James came with his parents from Yorkshire, England around 1800 to the Cape Tormentine area of New Brunswick. He and his brother George settled on grants farther up the shore in what soon became to be known as Spence Settlement. As his sons reached manhood James divided his grant, 175 acres to each son. He dammed a stream on his property and built a water mill to saw the lumber used to build the barns and houses on the four sons’ properties nearby. The pond still in use on his son George’s homestead was repaired in 1974. In those early years the nearest store was in Great Shemoge but the farm provided most of the necessities of life. When James and Hannah were married he was twice as old as Hannah so when he passed away she was still a bright, alert woman, eager and ready to travel across the continent to visit her son in California.

5. Hannah Anderson

Hannah Anderson was born Feb. 19, 1824 in Shemogue, N. B. and died Mar. 7, 1900 in Spence Settlement, N. B. She married James Spence, son of George and Mary C. (possibly Cartwright) Spence. He was born May 24, 1798 in Y orkshire, England and died Mr. 7, 1882 in Spence, N. B.

6. James Richardson Trenholm

Notes of Mel Trenholm..1980 (e-mailed from daughter Barb)
-James Richardson Trenhjolm. Born 1828
-The marriage of James R. Trenholm and Mary Ann Allen was witness by Joshua Trenholm and Jane Eliza Allen. Official records inthe archives also show James Richards Trenholm of Botsford married Sara Jane Trenholm, widow, of Moncton in 1887. Perhaps he ahd a third wife? A plague of typhoid fever claimed many lives about this time.
--He married mary Ann Allen, 3 Sep 1850 in Botsford, NB