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Ancestors from England to North America


10. William Anderson

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. Born 8 Sep 1786 in Scotland?. Died 13 Aug 1867 in Shemogue, New Brunswick. Occupation farmer; r. Shemogue, NB. Religion Presbyterian Church elder, Shemogue

11. Elizabeth Wright

"The Wrights of Bedeque, A Loyalist Family" by Doris Haslan
Page #46

Elizabeth Wright called Betty was born ca 1796 in North Bedeque, P.E.I. and died Jan 10, 1866 at the age of 69 in Shemogue, N.B. She married Jan 22, 1818 William Anderson. He was born Sept. 8, 1796 and died Aug. 13, 1867 in Shemogue, N.B. William Anderson and his five brothers, John, Joseph, David, Robert and Alexander, are said to have come from Scotland to Prince Edward Island in the early years of the nineteenth century. By 1809 they had taken up land in the Shemogue area of New Brunswick, in a district which became known as Anderson Settlement. Williamís land lay on the western side of Little Shemogue Harbour. The notice of his marriage appeared in the Feb. 16th, 1818 issue of the P.E.I. Gazette: " Married: On the 22nd January >r. William Anderson of Shemogue to Miss Elizabeth Wright, daughter of Mr. Stephen Wright of Bedeque."

When William brought Betty to their log cabin in Shemogue there were no roads, scarcely even a bridle path through the forest. Waterways and sand beach along the Northumberland Strait were the main highways. Like the other pioneers they had to struggle hard in order to build a productive livelihood. The soil was fertile and nature produced good crops of wheat, oats, buckwheat and potatoes as soon as the land could be cleared. In order to convert his grain into flour William carried the bags by horseback to the nearest grist mill. A well organized homestead was practically self-sufficient. The cattle provided food, leather for shoes and harness, and tallow for the candles. The ox team took the place of the present-day tractor. The shearing of the sheep and the washing, carding, spinning and dyeing of the wool had to be done before Betty could start to weave the homespun she would fashion into warm practical garments for the whole family.

The first sermon preached in hat part of the country was delivered in a barn owned by one of the Anderson brothers. William was among the first to be elected to the eldership of the Presbyterian Church in Shemoge at the time of the organization in 1830. His son Stephen later became an elder of the same church.

Betty died a few days before their forty-eighth wedding anniversary and William passed away the next year, remembered (by his little five-year old granddaughter, Maria Blacklock) as a kind old man with long white should length hair.

12. John (Squire) Trenholm

Occupation: Farmer and JP, Botsford, Westmorland Co. NB (1851

14. George Allen

-Resident of Cape Tormentine, NB