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Ancestors from England to North America


96. Robert Trenholm

From: Barb Trenholm via e-mail/97
Occupation farmer; inventory of estate shows 2 oxen,6 cows, 26 sheep. He married Jane MILLS?, About 1736.

112. Samuel Allen

There is a great deal of discrepancy about just who Samuel Allen married. Some sources claim he married Mary Alden..daughter of Joseph Alden and Granddaughter of John & Pricilla Alden of the Mayflower. Other sources claim he married "Mary/Mercy Pratt". Because I'm not sure and can't seem to find out which is correct I am including both marriages. Maybe he was married to both at different times???? This will be corrected when and if the answer is found and backed up by records.
His death date in some sources is listed as between 1736 and 1750.
===============================================================================Notes for SAMUEL ALLEN:
Was engaged in many Indian Battles and while on a March to join Captain Church (with his father) with twenty of his neighbors took seventeen prisoners without a single casualty.

113. Mary Alden

There is confusion as to who really married Samuel Allen in 1700,. Some historical sources say "Mary Alden" and others say "Mary Pratt" . For that reason I'm including both lines in the family tree.