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Ancestors from England to North America


200. Hezekiah Seaman

Hinshaw's Quaker records: acknowledged marrying out Sept. 27, 1732; certificate of transfer to Purchase [Westchester Co., NY]; disowned 6-24-1761 for oath and serving as a Constable. [vol. 3, p.443-444]

224. Samuel Allen

Settled in East Bridgewater as early as 1660.
Town Clerk (1683-1702)
Representative to General Court of Massachusetts in 1693
Was engaged in many Indian Battles and while on a March to join Captain Church with twenty of his neighbors took seventeen prisoners without a single casualty.
1686 is listed as living on the easterly side of Satucket River near Jonathan's Plain (Cary) and down the river.
1687 chosen commissioner of the town of Bridgewater for taking a list of males from 16 years of age upward and valuing estates.
1689 chosen as an agent to go to Plymouth about settling the"Gournet".