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  Welcome to my "Genealogy From Sea to Sea" Web Site.

    As like many other families there has always been a mystery about my ancestors, or both sides of the family.  As I grew up there were rumours about where we came from, but nothing to confirm them.  As time went on and the Internet entered my life I got even more curious about my "Roots".
    All my Grandparents died when I was young, or before I was born, so this just added to the mystery because there wasn't anyone to tell me what was what.
    One day the "Genealogy Bug"  and "Internet Promotion" took over and I took the plunge into the "Seas of Genealogy".  I sank a great many times becasue I couldn't find anyone who knew about any of my families.  Then I struck it rich!  Finally I was able to contact a distant cousin who, with the help of other cousins, gave me an excellent base from which to start my family research.  I would like to thank these people because without them I would probably still be sinking, maybe not as deep, but still sinking. They provided the badly needed "Rescue Rope" for which I will be forever thankful.
    All a person needs in their "Roots Search" is just one contact who can provide them with a "Rescue Rope".   Who knows, perhaps someone who visits this page will  find a"Rescue Rope" here.
    "My Family Tree" Page is just of my Paternal Grandmother, Mary Gladys Spence and her ancestors.   If anyone would like further information please e-mail me and I will be pleased to provide it.
    I will be putting up further family pages as I have acess to the information available.  My Maternal Grandmother and Paternal Grandfather both came from England and their ancestry is a little harder to trace. My Maternal Grandfather's family page is coming soon. Please stay tuned.
    I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has information on the "Holborn" Family from England.

    Good Luck on Your Family Root Search.  


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